How Can I Make Informed Decisions on the Right Over Tyre Tracks to Select?

Over tyre tracks are also known as rubber tracks. These attachments fit over the existing tyres of our equipment and vehicles. They offer enhanced stability, flotation and traction when maneuvering in challenging terrains. However, you must select the right ones to get all these benefits from the over tyre tracks you buy. While choosing the right over tyre tracks may be challenging for most people, the process becomes quite easy when you know what to look for. This article will cover a buying guide to help you make informed decisions on the right over tyre tracks to select.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Over Tyres Tracks

When selecting over-tyres tracks, you should consider the following factors;

  •  Equipment compatibility

over tyre tracks are diverse tyres to allow different models and equipment compatibility. For this reason, when choosing your over-tyres track, it’s essential to consider the manufacturer’s guidelines to confirm which tracks suit your equipment or machine. This way, you can select the over tyre tracks compatible with your equipment, enhancing the performance during your operations.

  • Size and fit

over tyre tracks are available in different sizes to match the dimensions of different tyres. To ensure that you select the right over tyre tracks, you must measure your existing tyres including their diameter, width and overall dimensions. This ensures that you select tracks that fit perfectly on the tyres. When you select a proper fit over-tyre track, you eliminate the chances of having too loose or tight tracks. Thus, you will have tyres to enhance your safety and performance while using your equipment.

  • Tread pattern

Another factor you should look for when selecting over tyre tracks is the tread patterns of the tracks. The tread patterns suitable for your tyres will be determined by the kind of terrain you will be operating your equipment on. Different tread patterns suit conditions like gravel, snow, mud and hard surfaces. This is why you should choose a tread design that will align with the terrain you operate on.

  • Quality and durability

over tyre tracks are available in different qualities and have different lifespans. You should always assess the quality of the tracks you find before you buy them. This ensures that you buy over tyre tracks made of high-quality rubber materials. Such tracks are reinforced using strong internal materials, making them resistant to tear, wear, abrasion and cuts. Though these tracks may be expensive, you should consider investing in them since they are durable.

  • Ease of use

Find out how easy it is to install and remove the over tyre tracks you find. There are models which you can install with more ease than others. Since you may be required to change the tracks in the middle of your operations, ensure that you find the over tyre tracks that are easy to install and remove.

  • Weight and ground pressure

The weight and ground pressure of the over tyre tracks you find are also very important to think about. You should find the over tyre tracks that can distribute your equipment’s weight evenly. This is because they can minimize ground pressure and prevent causing damage on surfaces, especially when working on soft terrains.

  • Manufacturers reputation

The manufacturer’s reputation is the other important thing that should guide you on the over tyre tracks. Research the manufacturers before you buy your tracks. This will help you select the over tyre tracks that the most reputable manufacturers make. Thus, you will get to choose high-quality and durable tracks since these manufacturers never compromise on the quality of their tracks.

Should One Consider the Cost of the Over Tyre Tracks They Select?

While everyone has a budget to help them select the tracks they can afford, you should never prioritize the cost of the tracks over their quality. This is because the quality of the tracks determines how much they cost. Therefore, be ready to invest in high-quality tracks, though they cost more, since they will last longer and will enhance your safety and efficiency.  Visit our website to know more about over tyre tracks and their applications.

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